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1. Jump drives – EVE University Wiki

Jump drives - EVE University Wiki

Oxygen isotopes

2. How to use my Black Ops jump generator? – EVE Online Forums


1x Black Ops Battleship fit with Cloak and Covert Jump Portal Generator = Fleet Jump and main DPS. This is something I’ve been thinking about …

3. Covert Jump Portal Generator I – EVE Online Reference


Description. A piece of machinery designed to allow a black ops vessel to create a bridge between systems without the use of a stargate, allowing its companions …

4. Someone please explain Black Ops : Eve – Reddit

Someone please explain Black Ops from Eve

More results from www.reddit.com

5. Eve Master Class – Jump Portals – Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah


Since I have recently acquired both the skills and a Widow Black Ops Battleship to fly, I figured I would find out how to properly use the Covert …

6. BLACK OPS GUIDE – INN – Imperium News


Theta Thursdays!

7. Havoc’s Comprehensive Guide To Black Ops – EVE-Files.com


Generators, something that Covert Ops Frigates and Recon Cruisers can now carry and use. Black Ops Battleships can also equip a special Covert Jump Portal …

8. Bridging | EVE Black Ops


There really isn’t much to comment on here 4.5 light years to 7.8 = amazing. Reduce the mass multipler used for Covert Jump Portal fuel costs …

9. What is Black Ops and how does it work? – EVE News24: The …


… then lights a Covert Cynosural Field which will allow a Black Ops Battleship to active a jump bridge using the Covert Jump Portal Generator, …

10. EVE Online: Black ops jump portal generator – YouTube

Uploaded by huntersbrotherhood

11. Black ops, jump portal? how does it work? – EVE Search


Posted – 2008.07.13 22:42:00 – [1]. Hi there, I’m considdering buying a black ops to be able …

12. Eve Online Black Ops Tutorial (Updated) – YouTube

Uploaded by Lyderian

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